Monday, 6 January 2014

CWG Meet 06/01/14

Hi guys

Had a good meeting tonight at Cleckheaton Writing Group - the first of 2014 - I really enjoyed it to say had a long day now commuting to Leeds early morning for work.
Also I think the agenda Karen sent us helped.
We also had a new member - a young woman called Sarah who liked writing children's stories and has recently started her first story - an Alice in Wonderland inspired tale - good luck Sarah - keep it up.
We all went through what we were writing at the moment and myself, Dawn and Laura updated everyone on our JaNoWriMo.
We also talked about upcoming writing festivals and author talks which we hope to attend.
Karen also gave us a timed writing challenge - we had 30 minutes to write a story based on a quote from writers magazine which was -
"What the most successful people do before breakfast"   - we had to imagine what they would do - all but one read the story out and the ones read out were very enjoyable.
Looking forward to next meeting.
Here's my timed writing story - apologies in advance to the celebs involved (I managed a small story too - lol)

What the most successful people do before breakfast! Or who they do!

It’s four am and I’m tip toeing out of Penelope Cruz’s bedroom, careful not to wake her.  I’ve left a note by her pillow to say I will see her at any films we will probably make in future.  The air is chill as I hurriedly get dressed in the hotel corridor.

I phone my personal assistant Andreas to pick me up in ten minutes.  Enough time to have a pick me up shot in the marbled lobby I’ve seen so many times before.

It’s now five am and I’m at the other side of LA.  Chewing gum as Andreas pulls up through the security gates of my next leading lady. 
She greets me at the door in a see through nightie.
“Morning Sandra,” I whisper in her ear.
She smiles, pulling me in the door.  I catch a glimpse of Andreas sat laughing at the steering wheel.
“mmm Miss Bullock, is this an undress rehearsal?”.

Four hours later now and it’s nine am and I’m starving.  I wave Sandra a cheery goodbye as myself and Andreas drive off.
“McDonalds please Andreas,” I call to my faithful assistant.
“Time for breakfast then the set,”
“OK Mr Clooney” he replies.
Off we drive into the LA sunrise.

It’s 6am and I’ve been chucked out of the club.  I danced so hard and fast and drunk so much.  I think I have a slow puncture.  Time to go have breakfast and find the meaning of the universe and science.  Just because I’m Stephen Hawking.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the meeting, was very productive n think we should stick to the formula. Good story n blog post, like minutes of the CWG :)