Sunday, 12 January 2014

Hobbit 2: The Something of Smaug - Film Review

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Actually managed to get to the cinema to watch the new Hobbit movie before it went out of the cinema and was very happy with it. An improvement on the first Hobbit which I thought was very good and all those involved in both films played their parts very well again including Martin Freeman as Bilbo and Sir Ian McKellan as Gandalf.
All the drawves were played well again although with so much going on it was a bit confusing knowing who was who - although the guy from Being Human had quite a big part in a B plot involving him falling in love with an Elf woman.
The action sequences again were fantastic including the spiders of Mirkwood and the barrel river run which reminded me of an old ZX Spectrum game involving an egg called Dizzy lol.

The parts with Gandalf facing Sauron were a bit confusing as can't remember that in the actual book "The Hobbit", plus wouldn't it cause continuity errors with Lord of the Rings Trilogy?
Another thing that bugged me about the film was Orlando Bloom back as Legolas which I'm sure wasn't in the book and his eyes were annoying me as they seemed different colour to the ones he had in LOTR Trilogy.
Benedict Cumberbatch proved very efficient as the voice of Smaug - the dragon of the title and it goes to show how good he and Mr Freeman is as tonight also watched them play very different parts in Doctor Who - I mean Sherlock.
Overall better than first Hobbit with plenty of action and story and looking forward to the third - seeing as screen just went blank to indicate had finished just as getting into it.
Score  9/10

Trailers - When I heard they were making a re-make of Robocop I wasn't happy as the original film is a classic - Robocop 2 - ok - Robocop 3 - crap.  I was very surprised when I saw the trailer to the new version - its looks ace and he even sports his familiar silver armour as well as the new black version - one I defo looking forward to seeing.
I, Frankenstein - also looks very good too - may try catch that too.


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