Friday, 3 January 2014

JaNoWriMo/Writing runs in family - I hope

Hi guys

As per last post one of my New Years Resolutions was to write more this year and as last year wasn't good writing wise including NanoWriMo - the November writing challenge thousands of writers take up each November - I thought I would give the above a go.

Thought up by a fellow Cleckheaton Writers Group member who also didn't have much success in November a few of us are trying to write as much as possible in January.

Goals for me:  To Write as much as I can in January - this will be helped with my T.V blowing up tonight - so that's one less distraction.
My Goals, as with my Resolution is to keep people more updated by my blog and generally blog more.
To try and write 20,000 to 30,000 more words of my Wormhole Effect Novel.
Also to write the first short story in a loosely linked Trilogy which has been running through my head for about a year - Total Futures trilogy.
This is more of an exercise for myself and experiment with different writing styles - the last two days ideas and parts of it been going round my head like mad - in fact think will write most of it over the weekend I hope - wish me luck!!
I will also be keeping my fellow Cleckheaton Writers Group and JaNoWriMo pals updated by my progress over e-mail.

Got to admit started writing a little today - for my daughter - she wanted a quick story she could copy down herself - at first she started it but ended up wanting me to write it about her taking dog for a walk - lol.
I had vision of her going down a rabbit hole after dog chased a rabbit down and wanted to go the Alice in Wonderland route but would have been too much for her to copy - so she ended up in Australia - ha.

Anyway peeps it's getting late - the wind and hail outside is making me want to get tucked up in bed so goodnight guys and blog soon.

Neil x


  1. Very intrigued by Total Futures Neil, you'll have to give us an outline at CWG on Monday. Good luck with JaNoWriMo and your writing resolutions.

  2. Sounds like you're fired up and raring to go! Keep us posted on your JaNo progress and good luck with reaching all your goals! x