Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Been Lazy

Hi guys - all three of you - lol  Hope you are all well?
Karen could you send some more followers my way? 
I've got an Writers and Artists website account I think will update with my blog address - the other writers I have seen on there have blogs also and sites to visit!!

Well got to confess been bit lazy - suppose to be doing NanoWrimo but not even started yet!
At the begininning of the month did well as wrote alot of notes for the novel I going to write but not finished them yet and don't like starting a novel with incomplete note - do you think I should just start it and jot down notes on the go?

Anyway - going to start tonight after finished blogging - will put an old story on here for you to enjoy in the meantime!
Enjoy fans! lol

1 comment:

  1. I have posted your blog address on my blog and suggested my followers check it out, not really sure what else to suggest. The Writers and Artists website sounds good - how do I go about getting on that myself? I think I may have got a couple of my followers from America who are listed on the Definitive Serious Writers Group on Linkedin, so you could try there. Or Dawn suggested that Twitter or Facebook are good places to get more people viewing your blog.

    YES I do think you should just start the novel and jot down notes on the go. I started my NaNoWriMo early and did really well until the last couple of days when I hit a block, and now I am caught up 'wordage' wise and panicking because I start back at work tomorrow and worry that I will not get as much written on a night.

    Looking forward to reading your 'old story' that you will be posting.