Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Runner

My my almost forgot about this one - it's not a fantastic story writing wise but think it second story I wrote after Bloody Sunday!
I wrote it for the ex-girlfriend as she is into Martina Cole so thought I could do one of those types of stories - i.e. swearing, sex and violence - even though I have never read any of her works - all seem samey to me that why even the title is a piss take of her titles - ha
To date it is the longest story I have wrote at nearly 7,000 words - will rectify that soon with my novel though!
So get comfy, sit back with a horlicks and read and enjoy!  Certificate 18 !!!!

I was knackered and I had only ran two blocks.  It must have been the amount of smokes I’d had recently fucking up my lungs.  My throat was on fire and my legs had a burning sensation in them, I had to stop soon. 

The only problem was, Little and Large were behind me closing in and I dreaded to think what would happen if they caught me, especially after what I’d witnessed over the last couple of months.  Not only that but Mum needed my help.  Everything was fucked up.

I glanced behind me and saw two red faces closing in on me.  I had to lose them and quick.  In front of me were rows of terraced houses.  I quickly darted up the nearest alley way, then another until I had gone up about six and was now lost.

I stopped and leaned against a dirty, damp wall, panting to get my breath.  Looking down I saw a rat coming out of a bin bag discarded on the alley way floor.  It had been there for a while as I could even taste the smell.  I needed to be sick.

How had things got so bad?  When did everything go so wrong?


Three months ago.  That’s when everything went wrong.  Dad died.  Leaving me and Mum to fend for ourselves. 

To be honest everything wasn’t fine up until then any way. Living on the edge of the roughest estate in town.  Being sixteen and failing all my GCSE’s.  Although this was largely due to my home life.

About a year ago Mum saw my Nan and Granddad killed by a joy rider.  In turn this sent Mum into severe depression and she gave up work.  Dad was then the main provider, working as a Manager in the local biscuit factory.  With Dad paying out nearly all the bills and looking after Mum he started getting stressed.  This in turn led to him drinking.

After a few months his drinking had got so bad he was pissed nearly all the time.  He would argue with me and shout I was scum.  He would argue with Mum calling her a lazy bitch and telling her to “Get over it”, and “Get a fucking job”.

This went on for months until Dad got sacked from his job for hitting the Business Director whilst pissed at work.  The last month was a nightmare – I was really sad when Dad died of a stroke but also there was a sense of relief.

Unfortunately for us Dad hadn’t paid any Mortgage for nearly a year so we got our house took off us.  There was also a large waiting list for houses on the council.  Mum seemed to shake off her depression enough to get us a two bedroom private flat.

This would have been great if there wouldn’t have been a catch.  It was owned by the Turner Brothers. 


Bob and Jake Turner are the towns most notorious underground drug dealers.  Everyone runs scared from them.  Even the Police can’t touch them, mainly because of their Cousin working high up in the Council.  They control all of the rough estates – supplying drugs and booze to those desperate for it.

The block of flats me and Mum moved into also doubled up as a drug den and Illegal brothel.  This I noticed on our first day there as rough slag’s were staggering about on the corridors drugged up to fuck and wearing the shortest and dirtiest of clothes.  A couple of them were leading small fat business men into their rooms giving them their prices – as well as their diseases.

What usually happened was, when the girls had been paid, all the money ended up with the Turner Brother’s.  Half was for rent and half for the drugs they had been supplied with.  The Brothers were raking it in.   

When we first arrived at our small scruffy flat me and Mum seemed fine for the first couple of days, we just saw a few of the hookers in the doorways now and again, plus the occasional old bloke going into some rooms.  I was mainly concerned with getting a job as we only had benefits coming in and I wanted to contribute to the bills.  I checked the local papers but couldn’t do much as was still in the process of getting the flat together.  Also I was looking after Mum as well as she was still suffering from depression but didn’t seem that bad.  This was probably due to the amount of pills she was popping.

On the forth day at the flat in the early hours of morning there was a loud banging on our door.  This woke us up.
“Who the fucks that at this time?” shouted Mum.
She sounded pissed off.
“Don’t know I’ll get it,” I called back.
I grabbed some shorts and opened the door.
In front of me stood two large drunk guys.  They stunk of whiskey and were wearing matching tracksuits.  It was the Turner Brothers.

The larger and youngest of the two, Jake, gave a smile.  I noticed he was like a bear.  Big round shoulders, thick arms and huge hands.  I wouldn’t have liked to get into a fight with him.  One punch and I would be dead.  He was also the slow one of the two, following his older brothers every word.
I glanced at the older brother Bob.  He didn’t seem as large and fat as I had thought.  True he had a large beer belly on him, but he also had a small frame with skinny arms and a skinny, rat like face.  He also had a large scar running down the centre of his face.  From his eyebrow to his pointy chin.  I didn’t like the look of him one bit.

“Hey kid, we need to speak to your Mum about the rent” sneered Bob.
“OK”, I replied, “Mum.  It’s the landlords for you”.
Mum came to the doorway, smiled at them and invited them in.
“Kid.  Nip to the shop for us for snacks.  Get yourself something too.  We need to talk to your Mum”.
I did as Bob said and slouched down to the local shop at the corner of our street, bumping into some old guy coming out of one of the flats, scratching his crotch, with a big smile on his face and brushing his comb over to the side.
“These gals are good aren’t they” he said to me.  “With this place there’s no need for a wife”.
I smiled back at him as he walked off in front of me still scratching.

The shop had only just opened when I got there.  Mr Patel looked over and smiled.  I decided to take my time at the shops as it seemed I wasn’t wanted by anyone.  I strolled around the litter strewn streets.  The roughness of them was now oblivious to me.  I didn’t notice the graffiti on the walls or the bordered up windows and doors.  It was normal to me, although it didn’t mean I liked where we were.  I just wish we had money to get off this shitty rough estate.

When I returned to our flat the Turner brothers were just leaving.  Both had a smile on their face.
“Hey Kid”, said Bob.  “Be at the front door in about two hours we may have a job for you, cash in hand.  Be handy for you and your Mum”.
I nodded back at him slightly shocked at the proposition.  I wondered what it was, probably dodgy like the brothers but money was money.  I walked into our flat.  Mum was sat drinking coffee, with a fag in hand, tapping her foot on the table nervously.
She looked up when I entered and gave a weak smile.

“What did they want Mum” I asked.
“They have offered me an opportunity to earn some money at last” she replied.  “I’m not happy about what I will be doing but it needs to be done, only for a short time till we save up enough to move out”.

“You what!!  Your not seriously going to become a prostitute are you?  Dad hasn’t been gone long.  It’s fucking disgusting”.
“Look Johnny.  We need the money.  My decision is final”.

I stormed off to my room, my face red with anger.  I couldn’t believe that Mum would go so low.  I felt sick to my stomach thinking of her in the next room with different guys each night.  She had lost all respect I had for her.

For two hours I sat on my bed thinking over what had happened.  I felt so angry, my blood was boiling, but there was nothing I could do.  Once Mum made a decision she stuck to it.  I remembered I had to meet the brothers and didn’t want to keep them waiting.  I threw on a pair of dirty jeans from the floor and a t-shirt. 

The brothers were waiting for me at the entrance to the flats.  Jake still looked pissed but Bob looked in a bad mood.  He scared me, especially how he looked at me when I turned up.
“Where the fuck have you been?  My heads fucking banging, I want to go to bed”, he snarled.
“Go easy on him.  He’s doing us a favour”, replied Jake.
“You can fuck off too.  I’m off to sleep”. 
With that Bob brushed past me and sloped up the stairs to his room on the top floor.

After he had gone Jake smiled and went into his pockets.  He pulled out two small packets wrapped in tin foil.
“You don’t need to know what these are although you’ve probably an idea” he said to me in his deep voice.
I nodded at him, my mind racing thinking over what he was about to ask me.  They wanted me to be a drug runner.  Delivering drugs to users and probably getting the payment.
“You don’t say much”, he continued, “Anyway we need you to deliver these to a house in Spencer Avenue.  Number fourteen.  When you get there say we’ve sent you and they should automatically pay you for them.  When they do take thirty quid out for your self.  That ok?”
“Yeah that’s fine” I replied and took the parcels from him.
“We may need to use you everyday and you should make more money depending on how big the drop is.  Right I’m off to get a blow job from one of those slag’s then have a kip too.  See you in a few hours.  We will find you for the money”.

After Jake had gone into the flats I looked at the parcels in my hands.  Well it should be easy money, I thought.  If Mum is going to get paid for something easy I don’t see why I shouldn’t.  But it’s also wrong.  I sighed and started to stroll to my destination which was only fifteen minutes walk away.

After walking to an even worse part of the estate I arrived at number Fourteen Spencer Avenue.  It looked a right mess almost as if it was a derelict house.  The side windows were bordered up and the window in the front door was smashed.  The drive way was full of litter and an old broken television.  I didn’t like the look of it one bit.  I even had to step over some broken needles on the path.

I knocked on the door.  There was no answer.  I knocked again more loudly this time then heard some shouting from inside.  The door flew open and in front of me stood a mess of a man.  He was about six stone, tall and unshaven dressed in what looked like rags.  Down his arms were bruises, parts of his arms were even bleeding.
“What you want kid?” asked the man in a slurred voice.  He seemed out if it.  His eyes were looking past me and darting all over the place.
“I’m here to deliver you something from the Turner Brothers”, I replied,  I pulled the foiled wrapped parcels from my pockets.
He lanky man smiled “Come in”.

As he shut the door behind me I could feel my heart racing.  I hadn’t realised how scared I was,  they could kill me in a drug fuelled frenzy.  I walked past the lanky man as he gestured me into the living room.  He stunk of stale sweat and had probably not had a bath in weeks, just getting high on a cocktail of drugs.

I walked down the dim, stinking hallway to the room.  Wall paper was hanging off the walls and the floor was littered with beer cans.
When I turned into the room the sight shocked me, I was nearly sick.  On the shabby couch was an equally lanky man, scruffy and smoking a spliff.  Next to him sat a spotty young woman in a tattered dressing gown, bruises all over her arms and legs.  She was eating a Pot Noodle and clearly not all there.  She smiled at me when she saw me.  The room was dark as the curtains were drawn but I could make out cans of lager all over the floor as well as burnt foil and pizza boxes.

Then I saw a few dirty nappies on the floor and looked to the furthest corner of the room.  There in a small cot was a scruffy looking baby looking sad and hungry.  Laid next to him was a stale pork pie.  I couldn’t believe it.  I felt really bad that the baby was in such a state.  The tall lanky man who greeted me at the door took the parcels from me and gave me a roll of twenties.  There must have been about a hundred quid there.
“On your way kid.  We going to have some fun”, mumbled the lanky man and they all started to laugh manically.

I left the house and made my way back to the flat.  Well this seems like easy money I thought, although I felt bad about leaving the baby with such druggies and in a bad state.

When I got back to the flat I couldn’t find the Turner Brothers anywhere.  They must have been in bed still sleeping off their hangover.  After a few hours there was a knock on the door.  Jake’s lumbering figure was stood in the doorway when I opened the door.  He gave me his usual smile.
“Everything go OK?” he asked as I handed him over the roll of money.
“Yeah fine”, I answered nervously.
“Good”, with that he counted out forty pounds for me.  “I will finish doing the drops today, you’ll do more tomorrow.  See ya then”. 

After he had strolled away I looked down at my money, not bad.  Will help towards buying some food in I thought. 
I sighed, this was now my new career.


Over a month had passed and I was now settled into my job as a drug runner.  I was now starting to see the world in a different light.  Real careers and people didn’t mean anything to me, all that mattered was that I was delivering death to people and being paid for it.  In a bizarre fucked up way I felt superior as I was raking money in for doing almost fuck all.

I was doing four or five drops a day and getting paid from twenty pounds to sixty pounds for each one depending on what drugs were being dropped and the amount.  The only downside was that the Turner brothers had got me hooked on cigarettes and weed so too much of my cash was going on that.  Because I was so active I had lost weight and smoking weed had suppressed  my appetite.  Every time I looked in the mirror my slim gaunt looking reflection haunted me.

Mum was also doing well with her new business.  She had around ten guys a day visiting her although the thought of what she was doing still disgusted me but she wouldn’t listen to me especially now the Turner brother’s had her hooked on ecstasy and she was off her head most of the time.  So again quite a lot of the money she earned ended up with the Brothers either in rent or from buying drugs.  She too was underweight and looked like a zombie.  We were both a mess but we didn’t seem to care.

We were both like vampires as we slept most of the day because Mum had most of her clients over at night and that led to arguments as I couldn’t sleep and didn’t want to be there when there were filthy strangers in the next room.  Because of this I decided to do most of my drop-offs  in the evenings and nights.

The Turner Brother’s were doing well too – raking in money from the drugs and the prostitutes and seemingly untouchable.

The younger brother Jake was looking stressed despite all the money coming in as he was virtually in charge of the operation, getting the drugs from the suppliers and arranging the deals.  He wasn’t really up to the job as he wasn’t gifted in the brains department.  Also he was trying to control Bob who had gone into meltdown as he was drinking too much and had broken the rule of not touching what you are selling.

Bob was even more short tempered than usual when the drugs and alcohol wore off and would argue with Jake all the time.  He would shout at the prostitutes and me too.  Everyone was scared of him.  He was too unpredictable, like a faulty firework ready to go off.

Because of this I kept my head down and away from Bob.  I would occasionally chat to Jake though, although he was quite quiet and wasn’t very conversational.  He would usually grunt at me asking how Mum and me was doing, or comment on the football.  He wasn’t a happy guy.

Deep down I wanted to get out of this life I was living but also resounded to the fact that as things were I couldn’t move on.

This was until something happened that sounded my alarm bells and had me thinking I got to escape.


          I had done a drop off as normal, everything went fine.  I found myself leaving a dingy, grubby house where the people inside were smacked off their tits.  As I walked away from the house and down the road to the flats I couldn’t help but feel I was being watched.  It made me nervous and I kept looking around me but saw no sign of anyone.  Mind you it was one in the morning.

When I arrived at the flats Bob and Jake were waiting outside.  Jake looked glum as Bob was leaning on him for support.  He seemed out of it, his eyes were red raw and his face bright red and puffy.  He saw me approach and smiled, then called me.
“Here kid.  Wait with us we got something special arriving”.

As soon as he had said that a small Ford van came around the corner and pulled up next to the kerb by the brothers.  Out jumped a small skinny big nosed guy.  He looked really shifty with his combed back hair and sleazy grin,
“Hi”, he called to the brothers, “You’ll like these goods, very pretty. Doesn’t say much though”, he laughed.
He went to the back of the van, and opened it up.  Inside sat scrunched up and shivering with fear and cold sat an asian girl no more than eighteen years old.  He was right though,  she was pretty.

He leaned over and roughly grabbed her arm pulling her out.  She was crying and saying something in her language.  She was very distressed.  Her slender body reluctantly followed the sleazy guy out of the van.  I couldn’t believe they were trading in illegal girls for prostitution..

“You like”, asked the sleazy guy.
“Best takeout we’ve ever had”,  replied Bob handing over a bundle of cash to the guy.
He counted his money and got in his van.  “She love you long time”, he shouted back as he drove off.

I followed as the brothers dragged the screaming girl up to their flat.  She was crying and repeatedly shouting something in her language.  I had a bad feeling about all this as I had an idea what was going to happen.  I went with them anyway in case I could do something to help the girl.

Bob opened the door and I reluctantly went in as Jake pushed the young asian girl onto a grubby single bed.  The room stunk of stale booze and piss it was awful.  It was Bob’s room.
“We might as well try the goods” laughed Bob to Jake. 
He looked at me “Kid this will be your first time” as he said that he leaned over the bed and unzipped his pants.

The asian girl seeing this screamed even more loudly and kicked and punched at Bob.  One kick caught him in the balls.
“Ahhh fucking bitch”, he screamed.  “Jake pass me the piece maybe that will shut her up”.
I looked over to Jake who had pulled a gun from under his shirt and passed it to Bob.  His brow was sweating and he was getting nervous about the situation.
“Maybe we should leave it?” he said to Bob.
“You turning into a fucking pussy”,  Bob snarled back at him as he waved the barrel of the gun in front of the asian girl.
“You fucking lie still I want some”, he shouted at her.  With that she struggled more and hit out at him again.

 Bob struck the asian girl on the head hard with the gun.
She slumped back onto the bed as blood seeped from her head.
“Fucking hell Bob what you done”, screamed Jake.
“She’s fine”, replied Bob as he felt her neck for a pulse.
“Oh shit” Bob cried after a few minutes.
“Jake you fat lump get over her and help me carry her.  Kid you grab her legs”.

With that we both grabbed the asian girl.  Blood poured from her head as we took her down to Bob’s car.  We placed her on the back seat.
“She’s just knocked out.  We’ll take care of her kid.  Now forget about all this and say nothing to anyone alright” said Bob.
With that the brothers got in the van and drove off.  I couldn’t help wonder if she was just knocked out or if they had killed her,  but I never saw or heard anything about her again.


Over a week had passed since the incident with the asian girl and I still didn’t know what became of her.  I pondered on it for many hours and no matter how hard I tried the worst thing came to mind.  She was dead.  Killed by a drugged up maniac.  I couldn’t even mention it to Mum.  She seemed too far gone and I suspected she was on cocaine now by the way she was acting.

I sighed as I went to the front of the flats to meet Jake.  He didn’t seem his usual chirpy self and you could tell there was something on his mind.  Something was very wrong.

He didn’t even smile as he saw me and just gave me a large package that was in a carrier bag and told me to deliver it to a snooker club on the other side of town.

This was a big drop which would take me over an hour to get to my destination.  The snooker club was on the edge of another rough estate and the first drop to take me out of my comfort zone.

As I walked to my destination I was feeling paranoid again that someone was watching and following me.  No matter how many times I looked around me there was hardly anyone around and when there was they were usually street kids hanging on street corners drinking cans of super strength lager.

When I eventually arrived at the snooker club my nerves grew even more as the sight of it scared me.  There was a large snooker hall sign on the outside although some of it had broken off.  All the windows had been boarded up and graffiti was painted around the building.

I opened a big old door slowly then made my way up some cold stone stairs.  The smell was like Bobs bedroom, stale beer and smoke.  All the way up the staircase the walls were full of graffiti like the outside.  When I got to the top of the stairs I opened a green metal door.

I stepped into a large snooker hall with three big snooker tables taking up the middle.  At the far side was a small grubby bar with a small framed guy behind.  Only four people were in the place playing snooker.

As I strolled over to the barman everyone stopped to look at me.  They were rough looking types with bald heads and tattoos.  The small framed guy behind the bar looked over at me and smiled as I reached him.
“So you’re the Turner brothers kid”, he sneered.
I composed myself as my nerves were almost getting the best of me “Yes I am.  I’ve got a delivery for you”.
“Just put it on the bar” he replied, cracking his bony fingers.
I placed the package on the bar for him expecting him to give me payment for it.
“Now fuck off you little twat and tell the same to those loser brothers.  They’ll be out of business by the end of the month.  They’re fucked up”.
The shock of what he had just said froze me and my mind was racing.  What would Bob say if I went back without any money.
Without realising it the four burly rough guys playing snooker were stood behind me.  I glanced up at the nearest guy.  He smirked at me as he leaned on his cue, showing of his tattooed muscles.

I turned fully around and even though I shouldn’t have I panicked and ran through the snooker hall guys and out the door.  I could hear them all laughing as I ran down the stairs.

I walked as slow as possible back to the flat afraid of what the brothers would say or do to me.  Part of me just wanted to get on the nearest bus out of town but I needed to be there for Mum no matter how messed up she was.  After nearly two hours I was outside Jakes flat.  I knocked nervously on the door.


After I had told Jake what had happened at the snooker hall he looked totally angry and pissed off.

“What the fuck am I going to tell my brother, he’ll go berserk, especially with all the shit he’s been taking recently” he said.  Then he let out a big sigh as he sloped past me to Bob’s room.

I heard nothing from the brothers all that day and Mum was whacked out on the sofa.  I was bored so I started to count my savings that I had hid under the bed.  Since the incident with the asian girl I had decided I was going to try save up and try get a flat somewhere else with Mum.  We needed to get out of this lifestyle it was killing us.  I had dreams of going to college and getting qualifications in a good trade.  Maybe an electrician’s course would be good.  I always fancied doing something like that and always good with electrics at home.

It got to about ten thirty that night when Mum came into my room and told me to go to the front of the flats as Bob and Jake were waiting for me.  Tired I wearily got off my bed and went to meet them.

Jake was stood at the door to his car.  It was a bright red Renault and looked quite new.
“Hi”, he called over.  “We’re taking you for a ride”.
I looked at the passenger side and Bob looked off his head.  His eyes were dilated and he was drinking heavily from a whiskey bottle.

I was very nervous now.  Were they going to kill me and hide my body?  Were they going to bury me where they probably buried the asian girl.  I reluctantly got into the back off the car.  Jake drove as Bob drank and there was an awkward silence.

After a few blocks I realised where we were going and after five minutes we had pulled up outside the snooker hall.  I looked over at Bob and he had a wicked smirk on his face.
“Come on kid”, he called.
I sheepishly followed the two brothers as they went through the old door, then up the stairs.  Jake tried the green metal door at the top of the stairs. Locked.  He used his bulk and fat to barge the door open with his shoulder. 

Inside was empty and dimly lit.  Behind the bar we could see a bright light.  We quietly made our way towards it and found the owners office.  There sat with his back to us was the small framed barman who had took the drugs earlier.  He jumped out of his seat when he heard Bob saying “Get out the fucking chair you skinny twat”.

The barman looked like a rabbit caught in headlights.  A skinny rabbit.
“Bob”, he pleaded in a faint voice “I was just messing with the kid.  It was just a joke.  I was going to pay you tomorrow”.
“Bullshit”, slurred Bob “and no fucker calls us losers.  You’re the one who’s going to be out of business.  Jake”.
With that Jake landed his fist in the small man’s pointy nose and he fell backward over his desk.  My heart was racing with fear as I suspected what was going to happen.  I just wanted to get out of the place as I felt sick.

Jake pulled the barman from the office to the main snooker hall with his hair.  The man was grunting and crying and trying to struggle from Jake’s grip but he just made it worse for himself.
“Lie the bastard on the table”, Bob asked Jake.

Jake grabbed the guy and held him face down on the edge of one of the snooker tables.  He had his arms behind his back and leaned on him to keep him from moving.  The guy was completely helpless.  I nearly chucked up as Bob staggered towards Jake and the barman with cue in hand.  Holding the small side of the cue he swung the heavy part straight into the mans face. 

The barman let a small squeal as the wood smashed into his face.  His nose exploded on impact and blood poured out of his mouth.  We could hear the cracking of bone.  He looked in agony as what was left of his nose hung onto his face.
“No one fucks with me”, shouted Bob at his victim and swung the cue back into his face.  This time the man just groaned as the cue snapped on impact.  Jake let go off him and the battered barman fell onto the floor almost unconscious.

Bob staggered behind the bar and pulled out a bottle of vodka as Jake stood over the bloodied barman.  Bob took a few swigs of it then went over to the nearest snooker table and poured it onto the cloth.  He then did the same to the other tables.  After supping the last few drops of the bottle he went back to the tables and lit the vodka with his lighter.  The tables lit up in flames and in the light Bob’s grinning face made him look purely evil, especially around the eyes.  There was a certain glint to them.  He then used the end of the cue he had used earlier to smash all the spirits behind the bar.

“There you go fuck face.  Don’t mess with me”, Bob spat at the barman.
He then started to kick the barman in the face.  I couldn’t watch any more this was too much for me and I ran out of the snooker hall and went back to the car.  Tears rolled down my face as I went through what just happened.  I decided there and then I was off by the end of the week and I didn’t care where I would go.

After five minutes I looked up at the snooker club, the flames had got big as they lashed at the windows.  Bob and Jake came out of the door and got in the car.  Jake didn’t look happy but Bob had a smile face wide.  As we drove off we could hear the echo of sirens in the distance.
“That will keep the firemen busy”, laughed Bob then nodded off to sleep.
On the journey back I just gazed out of the window as the rough estate flew by, hoping I could get a break.  Bob was snoring in the front and I could hear Jake mumbling that he had blood on his best shirt.

When I got back to the flat I just laid on my bed staring into space, my mind numb at the sheer violence that I had just witnessed.  After half an hour listening to my Mum’s headboard banging on my wall I finally drifted off to sleep.


The next day my mind was preoccupied by recent events.  The disappearance of the young asian girl then last night at the snooker club.  It was all too much for me but I still didn’t have enough saved up for both Mum and I to move out.  Maybe I should move out on my own.  Then I could come back for Mum when I had enough saved up.

Mum called me about twelve thirty in the afternoon after I had dozed off.  I climbed into the same clothes I had been wearing for the last week or so as neither me or Mum bothered about washing.  I gave them a quick spray of deodorant, yawned and left my room. 

The flat was a tip.  Rubbish everywhere, pizza boxes, dirty clothes even a few stray used condoms on the floor.  It didn’t matter to me now I was going to be leaving soon.  I had got so used to it by now anyhow. 

Mum was laying on the couch drugged out.  Now and again she would give a little groan.  She looked up as she heard me walking by and I was shocked at the sight of her.  She was as white as a ghost, with dark circles around her eyes and her cheeks were drawn in.  She looked over ten years older than she was.  She had also lost a lot of weight recently too and as I walked past her I could smell stale sweat and dirt.  I was disgusted with her but couldn’t do anything until I was out of this situation.  Then I could get her sorted out.

I went down and met Jake outside the flats.  He looked shattered too and he seemed to have the weight of the world on his shoulders.  He gave me my drop and hardly said anything but it was a regular drop off so I quickly set off down the road.  As I walked to my destination, a grubby flat six blocks away I again had the feeling of being watched and followed.  Again I looked all around me but saw no sign of anyone.

I reached the clients flat and the owner fell out of the door, whisky bottle in hand.
“Hi”, he called over, “Your just in time you want a drink?”.
“No thanks, I’ll give it a miss this time Keith.”
He grinned under his shabby stubble and handed me his money,  I passed the drugs over.  Sometimes I would have a drink with him and a quick chat, usually talking about the weather or what was on the television nothing great as he stayed in his flat all the time so he didn’t know anything else to talk about.

I left Keith and got back to the flats more quickly than normal as the feeling of someone following me made me paranoid.  I wanted to get in and count up my savings. 

I went up to our flat and the door was open.  Was Mum with a client I wondered?  I walked in and what I saw shocked me and made me take action.  Jake was stood near the door whilst Bob was stood over my unconscious Mum pulling down his zip.
“I’ve always wanted this one” he said over to Jake.
“What the fuck,” I shouted out.
They both looked round in surprise.
“What the fuck are you doing here so soon kid,” shouted Bob.
I ran out of the door and heard Bob shout to Jake, “Sort him out.”

I ran down the stairs and looked back,  Jake was too fat to run fast so was panting and red already.  Behind him I could see Bob zipping up his jeans then pulling his gun from his pocket.  He looked his usual drugged up self and lately was so unpredictable that I knew now I was in trouble.  I needed to get help.

I ran out of the flats and down the road not sure of where I was going but needed to loose them….

Now here I was stood behind a rat infested alley way panting and not sure if I had lost the Turner brothers.  I breathed heavily as I was badly out of shape but I was starting to think the coast was clear as I had been hiding here for over five minutes thinking back.

I decided I was alright and would walk to a police station and report what had gone on.  It was now the only way I could save myself and my Mum.

I looked around the corner of the alley way wall and straight into the barrel of a gun.  I backed away as the Turner brothers emerged red and puffed out.  Bob had wild eyes again.

“Take it easy Bob he works for us remember?  You’ve gone too far this time”, pleaded Jake.
“Fuck off.  He knows too much.  I knew he was trouble, the little shit.  And we’ve been paying him too much.” Shouted Bob. 

With that he pointed the gun straight to my face and smiled.  All of a sudden armed police emerged from everywhere, from  around the corners of the alleyway, over the walls and from a few windows from nearby houses.
“Drop your weapon,” shouted the nearest police officer to us.

Bob looked round him in surprise as did Jake and lowered his gun.  Just as the police closed in on us Bob raised the gun at me again.  I froze as a gunshot rang out and Bob was hit in the shoulder and fell to the ground.  The police ran in and held him to the ground as Jake fell to his knees, hands in the air.  The police arrested the brothers and took me to the police station too.  At last I thought, all this mess is over.  I also worried that I would go to jail.  On the journey to the police station I burst into tears.

  Six months later and I’m now at college on a plumbing course and work part time at a bar.  I now have my own flat too.  What happened was that I told the police everything that had happened in the last past months since Mum and I went to the Turner brothers for shelter.

All I got was community service in return for all the information I had on the brothers so the judge let me off easy considering all the drug running I had done.

Mum was so messed up she got put in rehab for drug, alcohol and depression problems.  I try and visit her at least once a week and she seems to be getting back to her old self and putting on weight.

What had happened was that the Turner brother’s cousin had got arrested for fraud so the  police watched their every move. they and their associates made including me.  That was why I was getting paranoid about being followed,  It was the police.

The Turner brothers? Bob got two life sentences and Jake got one although neither has yet revealed what happened to the asian girl they put in the back of their van.  Best of all their reign of terror is over.

Everything now is at last going right for me and Mum.
I’m not running anymore.

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