Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Long time no Blog

Hey happy followers - long time no blog or even write! 
Been abit naughty as hardly written anything for a while - although done some of my novel tonight but was hoping to be more into it by now at least 15,000 words by end of tonight and end of NANO WRIMO - but failed miserably on that never mind the target of 50,000 words meant to be written in November - oh well at least I've written something I suppose and it something I'm enjoying to write!

Its called The Wormhole Effect and will have Chapter One on here soon to give you a taster!
Its an old fashioned pulpy romp through weird dimensions as a group of scientists search for their way home - hoping the next leap will be the leap home - oops crossed into Quantum Leap terrority there - lol!

Other than that not been up to much - had a night out whereby got very drunk - something that seems to be a reacurring theme on this blog - ha ha

Also today was looking on a short story site on the off chance and saw a short story competition that was free - and also last date for it was today 30/11/2011 - so entered a story I was going to put on tonight called You Don't Know Jack - so will leave that off until competition result in early next year - the competition was The Commonwealth Short Story Competition which has a top prize of £5000 and runner up prizes of £1000 - it for anyone in the Commonwealth to enter!  Wish me luck lol
Blog soon folks !

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